Macintosh Software


MacUpdate Desktop  v.4.2.4

MacUpdate Desktop is an application that helps keep all of the software on your Macintosh up-to-date with its latest release.

MacUpdate Widget  v.2.0

MacUpdate Widget is a Dashboard widget that allows you to display the latest Mac OS X software releases on your desktop.


MultiAlarm  v.3.4.2

MultiAlarm is an audible alarm software solution that sounds whenever you activate it and move your Apple Laptop with a SMS sensor or Use the mouse or keyboard.

MUMenu  v.2.1

About MUMenuA Menu Item application that will check periodically for daily Mac OS X software updates at MacUpdate.

Mini vMac for Windows  v.3.0.4

Mini vMac emulates a Macintosh Plus, one of the earliest of Macintosh computers. It can run old Macintosh software that otherwise couldn't be used on recent machines. Mini vMac requires a ROM image file to run,

Rommy Robot  v.3.0b7

Rommy is an on screen simulation of a programmable floor toy.

EjectDisk  v.3.2

With the touch of a key, EjectDisk can eject any removablemedia from your computer, ranging from the humble floppy to the latest Jaz cartridge.

American Civil War Soldier  v.1.01

In this day of ever increasing Macintosh software titles, the space for a good, historically accurate game is yet to be filled.

WorkSheet Maker  v.2.3.4

WorkSheet Maker is a teaching tool for mathematics.

ScreenCloze  v.2.0

ScreenCloze is an educational program that allows you to create and use customized interactive features to help teach students language skills.

HotCocoa X  v.0.62

HotCocoa is a Cocoa implementation of a Hotline client.

Pipemare  v.1.0

Pipemare is a 2D pipe building puzzle game.

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